Ground Down

Create your own Levels Tutorial

Header Open the Editor

Open the Editor with F8 when you're in a Level or World. All Objects are now on their starting position with default values.

Header Main and Object Menu
Menu The Left Menu allows you to select groups of related objects

When you click on an entry, a new sub-menu appears and shows you which Objects you can place.

You can click on an Object and move it to the desired position.

Object Menu
Header Level Settings


Change the Level name only if you want to rename the level. The Level will be resaved with all the changes made

Change the Music here to match your level (Case Sensitive)

Author for the names of the creators.

Version for the current Revision. For small changes change the minor number f.e. 1.1 to 1.2 and for big changes like a reconstructed Ground change the major number.

Use Camera Limits to set a maximum visible Area for your level. Very useful in Underground Levels to limit the height.

Background Color and Images

Change the Gradient Colors using the Red Green and Blue Numbers from 0 to 255.

Multiple Images can be set in the Background or Foreground with a given X and Y Camera Speed. The Z Position defines the drawing order f.e. use 0.000110 for Background and 0.11 for Foreground.

Global Level Effects

Create Effects like falling leaves, rain, sand storm or use new sprites and settings !

Header Advanced Object Positioning
Object Positioning Position Objects exactly with the Numpad : Numpad

4 : 1 pixel to the left.
6 : 1 pixel to the right.
2 : 1 pixel to the below.
8 : 1 pixel to the above.

Fast Copy

Paste many Objects side-by-side when you press the middle mouse key and use the Numpad Directions.

Header Common Shortcuts
  • For quick copying and pasting, you can use CTRL-C to copy, CTRL-V to paste and CTRL-X to Cut Objects.
  • For loading a level press L and for saving use CTRL-S.
  • If you want to delete Objects use the right mouse key additionally press CTRL and every intersecting Object will be deleted.
  • Push an Object to the Front with CTRL-Keypad Plus and Pull it back with CTRL-Keypad Minus.
Header Notes

See also the Wiki Editor article.
You can find useful shortcuts in the document controls.html.
If you have made a Level or World, please post it in the Forum and maybe it will show up in the next official release.
Red Mushroom If you have problems or have found a bug, please feel free to make a post in the Forums.

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