Ground Down


Software developers can help us out by porting SMC to other platforms. The git version control system is located at github which has the latest source code.

Linux Linux Packages ( ~ 50 MB )

The Background Music is an extra download if not included in the package.

Logo Packages
All Tarball : Version 1.9 Howto : Compiling from Tarball
Ubuntu Ubuntu :
Arch Arch :
  • Package Manager : smc
  • Arch User Repository (AUR) : smc-git
Debian Debian : smc
Gentoo Gentoo : smc (includes music)
Fedora Fedora :
Slackware Slackware
openSUSE openSUSE:
  • Package Manager name : smc
  • PackMan
Mandriva Mandriva package name: smc
FreeBSD FreeBSD :
PCLinuxOS PCLinuxOS :
  • Package Manager : smc
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