Ground Down


The Background Music is an extra download and needs to be installed to the game program directory.
While downloading you can take a look at the Editor Tutorial or the Community Forums.

Software developers can help us out by porting SMC to other platforms.

Downloads Downloads

Always download SMC from the official Website.

Webmasters, please do not mirror the files nor link to the sourceforge site directly, link to this site instead so we can inform about possible important updates. Thank you.

This download page is regularly updated, but if you want to download older versions, go to our project pages on SourceForge.

Source Source

Source code is shipped in the Windows and Tarball Packages which include the Linux + Windows platform makefiles or use the version control system which is located at github. This open source software project is completely developed in C++.

Software developers can help us out by porting SMC to other platforms. The git version control system is located at github which has the latest source code. If you are programming for a school or college for training and education like a programming degree please send us back your improvements. If you create a source code or static code analysis report, please send it to us.

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