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Postby cirocc » 30 Sep 2014 21:53

It would be cool if someone put Yoshi in SMC! Ofcourse not the real Yoshi (copyright) but with a Dog, a Turtle or something else. What do you think? :moon:
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Re: Yoshi

Postby datahead » 01 Oct 2014 01:51

Riding some kind of animal might make sense, if someone gets it implemented.
We might want to think how that animal fits with the themes in the game, as possible.
Yoshi fit in with the dinosaur theme in Super Mario World.
We've been exploring the library theme as the overarching theme. Other themes we've discussed recently include ancient ruins, monsters, and magic casting.

We'd also need to think how it integrates with our plans for power ups. We've been talking about having some power ups cross from level to level (ie the fire/ice flowers) while others are temporary within a level (probably magic items, possibly with a limited number of uses each).
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