GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby To4ooo4 » 30 Dec 2014 19:00

Guys! I'm back! Remember me? It's the guy that got banned for a week for insulting a moderator (it was a quite serious insult... :pshroom: ) ? The guy who used to one of the most active members? THE GUY THAT STARTED A WAR WITH DEVED?! Seriously, I'm suprised if nobody remembers me (I'm a veteran here, though if that's an actual site status (I haven't posted on here in ages) , I don't have it) ... I mean, I'm the one who insulting a moderator, started a war with DevEd (had nothing to do with flame war(s) ) , used to be an extremely frequent poster, and sent 2 rage and 1 friendly e-Mails and got one reply (non-automated, it was the friendly one) (though that's quite recent and didn't tell anybody online 'til now) ! Also, new bots sighted:
Exabot [Bot], Google [Bot], Google Adsense [Bot], Yahoo [Bot]
Any ideas on their forum username(s) ?

Edit: Some spambots found with their usernames:
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Re: GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby datahead » 01 Jan 2015 02:39

Welcome back, To4ooo4. Yes, I remember you.

I just banned a spam bot that was racking up posts. Unfortunately, we can't delete all messages for a bot at once because the last time Quintus did this, it crashed the forum and left residual posting junk from the poster on the boards. Thus it can be a bit tedious to fully wipe out the posts for these bots.

Also...log onto our new forum! :P
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