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Feeling Nostalgic

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2018 22:40
by Crabmaster
Been thinking about this ol' place a lot lately, and after recently livestreaming some old levels you can imagine how much more nostalgic it has made me for this old project.

It has been about 5 years since my last post on these forums, and more like 6 years since I was truly active here, in these years I haven't really kept in contact with anyone from this community and in general I practically just vanished into the ether. Deep down my heart has some regrets due to vanishing from this project, to an odd extent I feel like I royally messed up some of its development by being an inexperienced 13-15 year old with a lot of ambition but no skills at the time. Looking back on those days it is somewhat crazy to think of how much effort the good people of these forums put into helping me learn and helping me try to contribute, while I never contributed much during my time here I am HIGHLY appreciative and massively grateful for every ounce of help these forums gave me. I still use Inkscape, after all, so I'm glad this place helped me get my start with it!

Not knowing how often people from the team still browse these forums hoping to see random new posts after seemingly 3 years since anyone has said anything here, I know I'm simply speaking to an empty room, but deep down I can't help but want to try to send some emails and contact people in an attempt to "get the band back together" and to start working on this again as a side-hobby next to my other game-related projects. A lot could be done after all these years, some major updates could come to SMC and it could be revived with a true 2.0 version reviving it from the grave. I know there are a handful of branch-versions, but it would be really nice to rebrand/revive the project through the main branch, find a good new name, finally settle on replacement sprites, hope to one day be able to replace the music... so much ambition for the future of this project could exist.

But of course, this could all just be a pipe dream and I could also just vanish back into that ether like usual fulfilling this single post as simply a nostalgia-trip. In the end I am only a game designer and only a graphics artist, programmers are the lifeblood of projects like these and the types of developers who would truly be able to revive it but at the same time they are much harder to come by. If my nostalgia continues to hold my heart maybe I'll attempt to clean up these forums and document some possible new and updated directions this game can take, but alone the best I can do is finally update the sprites like was started 6 years ago.

If anyone finds this thread it might be cool to continue to share stories, reminisce about Secret Maryo, and who knows maybe even continue to fuel the pipe dream fantasy of reviving this old community.

Re: Feeling Nostalgic

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2018 06:06
by -DarkAceZ-
After FluXy's sudden disappearance, people were somewhat forced to migrate to a more active branch, or face the threat of no moderation team. Not that it's doing much better... I think there's several factors at play as to why this project dried up, and the two main, IMO, are that the admin left and the "community feeling" sort of went with it, and the demographic that was interested in the game (in combination with the first factor) sort of just grew up and found other outlets for their creativity.

That aside, what remaining community that was left mostly went to TSC, or "The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M" to continue development. Assuming you're not familiar, you should check it out. Just don't be scared away by the re-naming! :lshroom:

Re: Feeling Nostalgic

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2018 18:52
by Crabmaster
Yeah, Fluxy leaving did seem to happen during the start of the slowdown/downfall of the project, I think part of the issue was that without him there was relatively little documentation on consistency between assets or goals for the future. If I do end up attempting to revive the project or at least plant the seeds of reviving it I think the first things I may do is dig through old documentation/assets and at the very least make a handful of visual style guidelines for sprites.

I would love to see if I could get 1 or 2 more of the moderators back to help bring order and leadership to the project, in the end I don't expect anyone to be interested in more than VERY casual contribution but even then 5 years of incredibly slow development beats 5 years of no development. Either way if this branch could escape that "threat of no moderating team" it would be really great to be able to merge the other branches of the community back into the core branch again, as nice as it was that a chunk of the community wanted to continue on their own, a split community easily dies twice as quickly.

In regards to the Dr. M branch specifically, it is an odd situation. I have indeed heard of it and it does seem like it was active for a while, but the stability of its site makes it almost seem more dead than this site.
Dr. M does bring up an interesting topic that seems important for the future of this project, re-naming! Unlike 6 years ago I'm a lot more open to the idea of it, something simple such as The Secret Chronicles might work, or re-naming Maryo and keeping the Secret [Name] Chronicles format could work too. Awkwardly with the main reason for changing the name being to escape the "Mario Clone" title, I'm not sure if the Dr. M name was the best choice due to being right back to square one with the similarities to Dr. Mario... which is actually kinda funny to be honest.

As a side note, I may look into making a Discord Server for SMC if there isn't one already. Even just as a new place for old fans to talk about the game it would be nice to bring the community into a more modern chat service than IRC.

Re: Feeling Nostalgic

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2018 20:06
by FluXy
Hey :D

I do sometimes visit the forum.
I had financial problems and had to shift all my time away from SMC :/ but it is nice to see there are still people developing/playing it!

Will watch your stream a bit!
Oh and Dr. M removed your waffles, so they were never officially in a release :nutcase:

I'm working for some time now on a new and completely different game (commercial) :

Re: Feeling Nostalgic

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2018 07:15
by Crabmaster
Ey! We've summoned him from the dead!

In all seriousness I don't blame you for needing to leave, time and money are probably the two factors that happened to most of us (and are the two factors that keep preventing me from acting on my repeated temptations to come back).

Let's be honest, thank goodness those waffles never made it into an official release. They had no stylistic consistency with existing game assets and would have probably been out of place unless other collectables & power-ups followed a similar food theme.

Also it is great to finally see a bit of what you've been up to, I never did find any links back in the day when I was curious where you vanished to!

Re: Feeling Nostalgic

PostPosted: 27 May 2018 16:00
by Quintus
Aheeeeem. *cough*

I've come over this thread by pure chance. I'm consolidating my password manager and wanted to delete accounts that I haven't used since years. So I came around here and noticed this thread.

I'm one of the developers of the fork mentioned by DarkAceZ, The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. (TSC). We have certainly no reason to be angry about FluXy, but his inavailability ultimately led to the fork. On the state of TSC, we have a 2.0.0 release out and a 2.1.0 release in the pipeline, with a ground rewrite for 3.0.0 planned. We are not inactive, I'm devoting time to the game every now and then, but I'm a very busy person. As for activity on the codebase, refer to the commit logs TSC2 and TSC3.

As for the stability of the site, we know of the problem. We're eagerly waiting that Debian finally gets Mailman 3 into its repositories so we can move away from our custom hackish solution.

The game title has nothing to do with Dr. Mario. Dr. M. is not a doctor in the medical sense. His degree is probably a humanist one, and fully spelled his name is Dr. Malus. He's going to be the antagonist.

Crabmaster, if you want to contribute, get in touch. You can find our forum/mailinglist over here. Or you can join our IRC channel at #secretchronicles on, where often somebody is around (especially sydney and xet7 are really often there, trying pinging them if nobody responds).

Oh, and of course, FluXy, if you want, you can surely contribute to TSC as well :)