Designing the main villain

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Designing the main villain

Postby Jonn » 06 Mar 2012 19:55

I was watching this video ... y-villains and I was thinking "Hmm, SMC hasn't a central villain right now, we should design one... ". I mean, in both major story ideas (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=805 and there is a main villain.

So I thought "Let's design an main villain!".
Questions I wanna answer:
  • What will he/she/it looks like?
  • How does he/she/it behave? (I mean, neatly, rude, empty-headed (Like " Did I really destroy the happy happy forrest by taking that power? Oops... "), etc.)
  • What's his/her/its name?
  • How does he/she/it appear in the game? Does he/she/it only appear at the end and at the intro? Does he/she/it say lines during the level like GlaDOS? etc.

Do you guys think designing a main villain is a good idea? And if so, what should the answers on this questions be?
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Re: Designing the main villain

Postby -DarkAceZ- » 07 Mar 2012 01:38

I will have nothing to do with the story, because I stink at writing stories/giving ideas.
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Re: Designing the main villain

Postby jobromedia » 07 Apr 2012 21:56

Well Mario fights Bowser in the Super Mario games. So we definitely need a villian Maryo faces. Something scarred and deformed maybe. Someone that knows how to manage all the enemies in the chronicle to do his bidding. Like the devil in the video you posted, but it needs to have some fancy moves as well to whop some butt in some fancy boss fights.
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Re: Designing the main villain

Postby To4ooo4 » 15 May 2012 13:10

We should make a main villian. We REALLY should! Could I make an example?
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