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Enemy Mechanics Discussion

Postby Guest_xD » 20 Jul 2014 14:49

This is in line with the Player Mechanics Discussion, keeping these to separate threads is probably a better idea because otherwise things will get messy.

The reasoning is the same as in the aforementioned thread, so do read that if you want to understand why this is being posted.

This is about ideas to give twists to existing enemies, ideas for new enemies and things like that.

Things I feel enemies in this game are lacking:
-The ability to jump
-The ability to actively seek out the player
-The ability to interact with each other in other ways than bumping into each other/killing each other
-The ability to be d*cks that make you regret your decisions in life
-Variations of simple enemies to make them more tricky to deal with

It is obvious how to go about the first, add some sort of jump mechanics, or variations of enemies that jump occasionally (ie furballs that jump whenever the player does)
For the second, think about enemies that have movement patterns centering around the player (homing projectiles, enemies moving over the top of your head and trying to fall down on you occasionally)
For the third, I think examples are best: Imagine Armadillos touching spikeballs would go into their shells, and the spikeballs would then kick their shells off to who-knows-where, or furballs running away from spikas, furballs forming stacks when they run into each other, things like that
What I mean by the fourth are enemies that can ruin your day and are tricky and hard to deal with, eg enemies that pursue you heavily and that you can only temporarily knock out but never kill
Think: A spika that causes a short earthquake by jumping up when you get close, causing you to be unable to run away for a split-second unless you time your jump well, flyons that wait to jump out until the player is standing on top of the pipe, etc

Again, all suggestions are my personal opinion on what could be done.

Changing behaviour of existing enemies may also break older levels, so has to be done with caution.

Discussion about new enemies, enemy interactions, etc should all belong in this thread.

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Re: Enemy Mechanics Discussion

Postby datahead » 21 Jul 2014 06:09

Several years ago, my observation was that there appeared to be a lack of programmers on the team generally, so a lot of the enemies introduced tended to be simpler programmatically. It's definitely a good idea to have enemies that can do all the things you said. Might we consider introducing new enemies with these behaviors as opposed to changing existing ones? Level designs can be changed to use the newer enemies where desired. If anyone can think of existing enemies they feel need changed behavior, point them out so we can consider them on a case by case basis.

I'd really like to see enemies with some path finding and AI eventually. I don't really have the skills to contribute enemy AI as of yet. AI could especially be useful for bosses.

Special interactions between enemies is a good idea; this could also lend to special level puzzles (ie a fire enemy touching an ice enemy and setting off a big blast).
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Re: Enemy Mechanics Discussion

Postby Quintus » 27 Jul 2014 22:06

I also like the idea of enemies interacting. We will have to come up with some concrete ideas of which enemies interact in what mannor, though.

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