Story Action Points...

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Story Action Points...

Postby datahead » 02 Aug 2014 22:07

From our story discussion at posting.php?mode=reply&f=1&t=9958, these are the points I have gathered:
  • Take a look at the preexisting Maryo story and consider borrowing from it where appropriate or feasible
  • Maryo (or whatever we name him - it does not have to start with M) should be an adult and not a child.
  • Power ups and objects that look like they're ripped out of a Mario game need to be replaced with non-Mario equivalents. We'll need a story explanation for these.
  • Multiplayer will be stripped from the story line unless/until we actually have basic support for it
  • The villain is currently planned as Dr. M, an evil librarian. Libraries will be a major theme throughout the game, both in levels and items/power ups.
  • The ancient ruins and monster factory ideas have not met any opposition. Wands were suggested as an item, so we might consider a wizard sub theme.
  • It doesn't look like food will be a prominent theme, but this decision may still be in flux
  • Dark Ace Z had suggested caution regarding any possible reference to occult themes, but Quintus had said not everyone can be pleased. My thought is to take an intermediate approach, using "wizard" rather than "sorcerer" and having "magic items" rather than "spells". Books and scrolls can still grant powers if we use them as game objects.
  • The story document I had created also discussed game mechanics. I'm going to separate this into a different document, since Guest_XD has started a new series of forum entries on mechanics and game objects.
  • Further story development will need to work in parallel with the forum discussions Guest_XD started about the direction of SMC, mechanics, etc.

When I get a chance, I'll start working on a new document draft, but feel free to offer feedback in the meantime.
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