Level update [YES]

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Level update [YES]

Postby Sauer2 » 27 Sep 2008 10:54

Fixed a small mistake in that level.
Please upload to SVN.

Re: !Level update!

Postby Sauer2 » 27 Sep 2008 11:27

Two other updated levels, pls also upload to svn.
CU, Sauer2

BTW: It seems, no levels have old ground or pipe tiles anymore.
Fluxy, you could remove them.

Re: !Level update!

Postby FluXy » 27 Sep 2008 14:05

Nice !
Added in SVN 1181 :)
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Re: !Level update!

Postby Sauer2 » 27 Sep 2008 14:16

well done.

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