Levels using scripting (and other features from git)

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Levels using scripting (and other features from git)

Postby Quintus » 02 Jun 2014 18:00

Hi there,

I want to encourage everyone to build some levels using scripting and other features from the 2.0.0 git repository! Good levels can be included into official SMC, so you have something to look forward to!

Collecting my levels from the scripting example thread here, and adding another one.

quintus_1 was my first level using much scripting. It’s far too hard and inconsistent, but was more meant to be an exploration of the possibilities. It’s a cave level and also has lava.

quintus_3 is a greenland level of medium difficulty. It’s a bit short, but try to find the 8 red coins as a bonus.

quintus_4 is new in this thread (I did not post it before). It requires some thinking to get through, but shouldn’t be too hard. Ensure you don’t loose army or you die. Also, this level is focusing explicitely on small Maryo. There are no powerups in this level, so be very careful with your actions.

For all levels, you need at least git commit 8a01b22e8a1b736e50772cf1f381997498956456.

Next I will try to make a long and enjoyable level.

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