Desert Break (In) - Revision 2a...

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Desert Break (In) - Revision 2a...

Postby datahead » 12 Aug 2014 02:52

This is my current draft of my edits to the desert break level (I'm currently calling it Desert Break In). The level was originally made in 2008, so there should be lots of opportunity.

*Added snippets of grass in many places as part of a move to start decorating the level a little more (though it should be fairly barren)
*Replaced two furballs with Larries
*Added a switch that opens a drawbridge, consisting of blocks appearing each 500 milliseconds
*Added the star background behind the pyramid background
*Flipped the gradient to have a more realistic night sky; made it slightly brighter
*Removed the message block at the start with the undeveloped storyline

*I just discovered that the timer is not stopping after the draw bridge completes, generating exceptions as it keeps trying to find block ids. I can't look up the docs on the Timer type now, since the scripting API site is down.
*The level loads a bit slowly. I've discovered there are some massive blocks buried that are untouchable, but most of the untouchable blocks are properly passive. My other options are to use sublevels (I'm afraid this might result in files littering the place) and to cut part of the level. I like longer levels, but I'm not sure if the part with the Rokko, ropes, and static saw blades contributes to the experience.

Further Enhancements to Consider:
*I might look into a dunes background layer, but this may not scroll well with the others.
*I'll see if I can think of any other decoration objects, and I need to see if there are any other interesting game objects or enemies that would work well.
*I've thought about scripting a particle system to simulate a sandstorm in part of the level (if there are no bugs in SMC for particle emitters) and using scripting to alter how the camera moves in response to pipes.
*This level has a lot of secret areas hidden in it, so a secrets counter (as opposed to a red coin counter) might be interesting. Maybe unlocking all 5 secrets would allow the user to ascend to the little hill at the topright most corner of the level. I'd have to think of something interesting to put there...

Feedback is welcome - much of what I've been doing and planning came from Quintus's suggestions.

I tried to upload an image, but it kept telling me the file was invalid (jpg or png).
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