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Postby Guest_xD » 13 Aug 2009 14:40

Hello there!

I'm back, but I have lots of other business at the moment (SunBattle, my new flash game and learning C++) but anyway I found time to be working on a new level called "Trials".

You do have to go through tons of rooms and after beating one, the decision is yours: How hard shall the next room be?
It's a real HUGE project and I guess it will take very much time to finish it, but the rooms will be interesting and fun to play.
The farer you get, the harder the rooms will be!
You earn points for beating a room according to it's difficulty. And after beating any room in the level (or just giving it up^^) you will be able to retry or tell me and the others your score.

Anyway, this level will, as said above, take a whole while to finish.

But stay ready, it will come out anytime. I promise :)
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Re: Trials

Postby Konstantin » 14 Aug 2009 09:40

I can't awaite it!

PS: Learning c++ at the moment, too! :D
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Re: Trials

Postby mrvertigo27 » 22 Aug 2009 19:21

ya know i had a similar idea, kindof like the castle in smw where you choose a door to get to the main boss, only mine would have certain doors that after you beat the room for lets sat door 3 instead of progressing you ended up back in the beginning (if it was an easy room.)

oh, i donno.....
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