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Postby Guest_xD » 03 Nov 2009 14:55

Hi dudes.
This time its true.
I found a nice way to test how good you guys are.
What matters is time and collected points.
But dont think youll be able to just rank high by playing it fast! There are tons of secrets that need to be revealed for the best score and as well you need to hurry! But not to much, the level is hard and will keep getting harder, so high scores arent that easy.
To prove your score make a screenshot with you in front of the ending door or while the dieing animation of maryo.

Good luck, it will come out soon (I promise, and to the other levels, I accidently deleted my own smc levels, I wont recreate them^^)

Best regards

EDIT: HyperCam doesnt work for some odd reason. No preview video :(
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