Coordinated World for New Levels for SMC 2.0...

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Coordinated World for New Levels for SMC 2.0...

Postby datahead » 12 Aug 2014 21:26

We may want to discuss creating at least one new world (with a map) for new levels in SMC 2.0. It could take place right after the last world, which means the levels could be at least a little bit more challenging.

I've been working on the Desert Break (In) level. I'd like to also have a small castle or other structure nearby so that I can later add a follow up castle level to the desert level. I'd also be interested in having enough map space open next to the Desert level to allow an alternate exit in a later SMC release.

We would want to see what sauer2 and Dark Ace Z have been working on - have either of you created new worlds as of yet for new levels? How many new levels have you created?

The last possibility is to add some old levels previously submitted through the forums. We can spice the levels up with new edits and scripting. I'd be interested in adding scripting to Bowser Jr's Mountain Trials level in particular.

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