[1.9] Bonus animation can freeze maryo

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[1.9] Bonus animation can freeze maryo

Postby gzbk » 01 Nov 2009 13:23


First bug I post here, I hope it is a new one and the attached savegame has been correctly uploaded.

See the bug in action is quite simple : load the attached savegame, and you will find Maryo stuck in his "hourra" position below a block, I did not find any mean to unlock it from his position.

Here is the description how this "tragedy" :wink: happened:

1 - I was already a fire Maryo,
2 - I had a supplementary flower in my item box, on the very top of the screen,
3 - I touched the enemy walking on top of the boxes, so I came back as a small maryo and the supplementary flower was released from the top box,
4 - I took this falling flower... and that was done, Maryo became stuck for life in his "hourra" position...

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Re: [1.9] Bonus animation can freeze maryo

Postby Crabmaster » 01 Nov 2009 14:07

I've had this happen to me once of twice. I've found this happens when maryo (sometimes not all the times) is near other blocks and gets a mushroom, he will grow and there's not enough room, so he get stuck in the bottom layer of blocks. :mrgreen:

You may want to post these things:
-what system are you using.
-how fast was your computer running at the time.
-did it happen again.
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