Guidelines for Todo items

List of graphics which are officially needed.

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Guidelines for Todo items

Postby FluXy » 29 Dec 2010 02:35

- Do not create a todo item unless you are on the SMC Team. Start a discussion with the Team if you think a needed graphic is missing.
- If you start a listed task and want to complete it always assign yourself to it. Create a new topic in the "New Graphics" Forum and add a link to it.
- If you work on a task it's preferred to upload the new svg if you have new progress on the graphic so everyone can help out earlier or continue from it if you stop working on it.
- Discussion in this subforum should be only about the todo entry and not the created graphics.

How a todo item post should look like:
Title : [Medium] Snow Hedges
Reason : Snow tileset has no hedges.

Form : Like the green hedge but maybe more wavy and less height.
Color : White and blue. Much less or no green at all. Maybe brown for small branches.
Effects : Blur for snow. Snowy texture. Light diffuse lighting.
Details : Some small branches.
Reference : 1, 2

The Template :
Code: Select all
[color=#0000BF]Reason :[/color]

[color=#0000BF]Form :[/color]
[color=#0000BF]Color :[/color]
[color=#0000BF]Effects :[/color]
[color=#0000BF]Details :[/color]
[color=#0000BF]Reference :[/color]
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