Layered Levels

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Layered Levels

Postby penguin » 23 Jan 2011 06:33

I was thinking that you could have layered levels... for example: enter pipe

zoom camera into target layer, making previous layer non-visible.
enter pipe to go back, zoom camera out to target layer with layer in back visiible.

I couldn't think of a bettter way to explain this so if you know about layers in DK Country Returns, used lots in beach world, thats what i'm talking about.
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Re: Layered Levels

Postby mrvertigo27 » 23 Jan 2011 10:42

if i understand the concept this is trivial and would not add much to game play it is a novel concept for bringing in a 3d aspect to the game without a total recode but right now we probably have more important items on our to do list. not saying no, cause its not my decision but im saying its unlikely for awhile.
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