Back again like a renegade master!

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Back again like a renegade master!

Postby jobromedia » 28 Oct 2014 10:45

I'm just gonna drop a short note that I got email from datahead who requested my skills as a musician. So peepz mesa back!

So what's new?

The reason why I had to keep a low profile is because I had a deal with a site that released my music to 500 stores around the world, now they've closed down, so I can work for you guys.

I've been busy writing music for Open Surge, a sonic inspired open source game. Here's a few songs I've written for that game:

Level finish fanfares
Theme song
Sunny paradise
At the dimensional gates

I've also decided to commit all my music for all games I develop music for, to the opengamearts repository. Easier for me to have my portfolio there.

I've invested a lot in my studio, got a few new libraries with a sh*tload of gizmos to play around with and make noises with. Now I'm capable of making more moviesque sounds and music. here's two libraries I've got available.
Don't just download my music. Please give feedback. That's the least I do when I hear a good track.
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Re: Back again like a renegade master!

Postby datahead » 29 Oct 2014 03:47

Welcome back, Johan!

What's new? We're on the verge of a new release after 5 years. With level scripting, art overhauls, more enemies and game objects, and, now, music overhauls, it will be a big deal.

I'll try to look at these music items as well as I get some time. I'm a grad student, so my time can be limited.

We've been going with original music for Secret Chronicles, but I will be curious to see what you did for Open Surge.

Is there any way I can get mp3's of some of your music from SoundCloud? This would make it really easy to listen to some of that music while I do school work. After I listen to a song enough times, I'm able to offer better feedback.
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