A Thank You To The Creators

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A Thank You To The Creators

Postby To4ooo4 » 14 May 2012 02:26

I thank the MVPs, moderators, administrators, SMC team, and everybody else for creating SMC. I love SMC. It would kill me to see it go dead. Thank you SMC creators, and the SMC community. Yes, I also thank the SMC community. They helped make the website and forums full of life. I hope SMC lasts.

Thank you. Glacious. Whatever language you want to say it in. THANK YOU!

I have one, ONE question.

Does SMC mean anything to you? Don't answer that. I know some, hardly any, of you would say no. This is a speech of me for everybody with SMC. T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U. !!! SMC is my ONLY online happy place! Thank you! THANK you! THANK YOU!!!
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