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costom photos

Postby xirtus » 19 Jan 2009 15:58

I'm a newb, moving right along...

I was thinking it would be a neet idea to have a program with a pearl script or something that would make it easy to replace all the neccisary graphics in the game with new graphics. It'd be nice to quickly through a picture of a penguin or a gif of yourself or something you photoshopped, run it through a script and have it be your character, able to flip back and forth and walk around etc... along with all the enemies, backgrounds, coin elements, etc...

Does that make sense? what are all the elements that there are in total?

See then we could make a bunch of pictures and gifs that we want in a script and shoot out prenamed files ready to be read by source code. -then the source code would be like the engine and the media would be the real game that you put in the engine... everyone could manipulate and make new games as much as they want...

Re: costom photos

Postby dudesurge » 24 Jun 2010 02:58

that sounds like an awesome idea, i'm using linux ubuntu 10 and you can possibly make a txt fole that runs it all through terminal, i use terminal to gain root access and all i do is click this 1 txt file that opens a file browser and put a new enemy for my own game in the right place so if i find out exactly how to arrange files as such, if anyone else does this first please post it
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Re: costom photos

Postby Luiji » 24 Jun 2010 05:14

I might be able to make a script for this that could use ImageMagik to flip the graphics and stuff.
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Re: costom photos

Postby penguin » 30 Jun 2010 14:41

What OS are you running? I could write a batch script (if your on windows)....
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