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Tile Studio

Postby maYO » 13 Feb 2005 14:46

This tool might come in pretty handy for creating grafix for any 2D-Tile based game.


Has some nice features. Guess I will use it for some of my next grafix.
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Re: Tile Studio

Postby Luiji » 02 Apr 2010 17:43

  • Tile studio requires the game to use the Clean game engine.
  • The game isn't tile based, it's object-based (meaning the objects aren't in 32x32 sections or something, they are pixel-positioned).
  • It is nicer to have a built-in level editor because it is so small and interlinks with the main program (if you read the source and understand advanced C++, you'll see what I mean).

Good idea, though!

For BowserJr, FluXy, and other users who hate when I bring dead posts up, I just want to explain that this is for when people search the forums (like I did to find this when searching for "tiles"). So by adding these posts I simply give information to users who stumble upon this in the future.
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