Friendly Guidelines for level Designers

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Friendly Guidelines for level Designers

Postby mrvertigo27 » 05 Jan 2010 22:04

This post is meant to serve as a guideline for posting behaviour in the Levels Section of the SMC forums, these are not strict rules, but should be taken as a sort of "best practices" for posting.

When posting to the levels forum it is considered good etiquette to place all levels that require more than one .smclvl file in some sort of compressed file format such as a .zip, .rar, or .tar.gz though .zip is the most common format used. Support for at least one of these extensions should be provided by your Operating system by default, if not a quick search on a respectable search engine such as Google should help you quite a bit. This allows someone to simply grab all files involved in one quick and easy download without needlessly grabbing multiple files. This also allows a level designer to package their levels in a way that makes for an easy install into a users "levels" file.

This being an open source project with minimal funding, it is also considered polite to limit images to 400 kb or less per level. If additional images or space is needed, please feel free to use a hosting service such as photo bucket or link to your image from a private server. Off site hosting reduces server load, storage, and bandwidth for SMC. Not only does off site hosting benefit the project where bandwidth is concerned, it also helps us reach more eyes using search engines and other methods of spreading awareness.

With the launch of the level repository it is also now considered polite to adopt the new repository image and sound file placement when using custom graphics or sounds. If you are un familiar with where these files should now go please see the guide below.

Custom Images should be located at
Code: Select all
Windows:   C:\Program Files\Secret Maryo Chronicles\data\pixmaps\contrib-pixmaps
Linux:     /usr/local/share/smc/pixmaps/contrib-pixmaps
Mac OSX: (unsure, waiting for feedback)

Custom Sounds should be located at
Code: Select all
Windows:   C:\Program Files\Secret Maryo Chronciles\data\sounds\contrib-sounds
Linux:     /usr/local/share/smc/sounds/contrib-sounds
Mac OSX: (unsure, waiting for feedback)

Thank you for your cooperation.
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