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SMC Graphics

  • No pixel and 3D graphics except if you can create a complete tileset of that.
  • Inkscape is SMC's official SVG editor as it is the only modern free 2D vector editor. It's a very capable tool which lets us all collaborate and work together. It's the only allowed tool for official graphics also because it lets us keep the style in sync and is available for many operating systems.
  • Create detailed graphics if possible like a Hedge with a filter effect texture, nice shading and small flowers. Examples are on the Reference Graphics.
  • Use the SMC Shading style.

Getting your graphics into the Game

Getting it into upstream can take effort, dedication and time. The process is sometimes not easy, because if we accept graphics into upstream, we run the risk of having to maintain it all the time. Note that once your graphic is in upstream (in the official releases) everyone on the team can update it.

Upload the svg file(s) to the Forum or the Git drafts repository if you got access. If that doesn't work you can send them directly to FluXy.

Todo List

The todo list moved to the forum.

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